Ethos profesjonalny uczonych


The article is concerned with the peculiarities of the ethos characteristic for the scholars, conceived as an identifiable professional category. Scholars form groups and circles consolidated by their efforts to create and establish scientific knowledge.

The first part of the article is devoted to the problem of ethos which constitutes the cultural core of a group. A particular stress is put on the views of Maria Ossowska and her conception of ethos as a socio-cultural model and pattern. Ethos is then presented as an expression of the character of a group, its style of life and its chances for playing a major role in the society to which it belongs. The article also deals with the components, aspects and determinants of the ethos of scholars. The contemporary dilemmas characterizing the ethos of scholars are emphasized and an analysis is offered of the informational and practical aspects of the controversy over the contents of the ethos of scholars. Finally, the authors focus their attention on the comparison between the traditional ethos of scholars and the style of life the scholars today. A conception of undertakings is outlined which may bring together once again the professional ethos of scholars and their style of life.