O wierności

Janina Makota

About Fidelity

Fidelity as a moral value which may qualify persons or determinate modes of behaviour is discussed. Some examples of fidelity are given to show that fidelity may have various forms depending on whom or what it concerns and how deeply one is engaged. Fidelity is determined as a personal value consisting in a persistent approval of some chosen ensembles of values, in connection with the willingness to serve them in the way required by them in various situations. If fidelity is one of moral values there are applicable to it all the statements concerning moral values in general. The difference between fidelity and other moral values lies in the qualitative specificity which may be grasped intuitively. The realization of fidelity must be accomplished consciously and the corresponding acts must spring from the centre of our „ego”. The fidelity to the ensembles of values preferred to others should not violate the objective hierarchy of values, i.e., it should appear within orderly relations to the whole system of values.

Then the ontic foundations of fidelity are discussed and a special attention is paid to the identity in time of the subject accomplishing moral acts. An essential condition of the realization of fidelity is also liberty, therefore of special importance is the indication of its ontic possibility in the structure of person, as well as in that of the world.

Attention is paid to the way of experiencing fidelity both by the person who is faithful to somebody or something, and by the person who meets with fidelity. There is stressed the appearance of fidelity against the background of various emotional states which, however, do not influence its value. The question whether it is possible to realize various kinds of fidelity at once is answered in principle positively because to various persons and various ensembles of values one may be faithful in different ways. Of course, essential is here an orderly differentiation of corresponding relations. At last there is mentioned the role of fidelity as a factor integrating human personality and permitting man to transcend the range of his every present.