Obrachunek i nakazy, uczciwość i dobroć

Władysław Tatarkiewicz


The main purpose of this paper is to differentiate some important ideas of morals. It distinguishes 1. between the four types of ethical judgements: on values, on rightness, on morality and on merit; 2. between the three possible bases of the right behaviour: moral feeling, moral calculus and moral dictate; 3. Between the two kinds of moral dictates: dictates of honesty and dictates of goodness. The paper explains as well the idea of unuseful values and of values which do not require to be aimed at.

The first three paragraphs of this paper have been published in English in the „Personalist”, Vol. 45, No 4, 1964, University of Southern California. Its first paragraph has been earlier developed in „The four Types of Ethical Judgements”, in „The Proceedings of the 7th International Congress of Philosophy”, Oxford 1931).