Pojęcie moralności

Maria Ossowska


The author begins by examining the opinion advanced by David Hume questioning the utility of the concept of morality. In her opinion Hume is wrong in denying. Antiquity ever to have made use of such an idea. Although his view is corroborated by the wide use of the idea of arete, it is nonetheless contradicted by numerous texts by Plato and Aristotle. Indeed, it is hardly possible to do without such an idea, despite the fact that the lack of precision in the conception of moral evaluation as compared e. g. with the praxeological, is striking, and the complication of norms regulating human coexistence by the intervention of personal models does not help to make the operating of the morality idea any easier. In the final part of her article, the author analyses three repeatedly renewed attempts at definition of moral evaluation, and indicates the difficulties encountered by each.