Problemy sprawiedliwego podziału w rehabilitacji

Jacek Hołówka

Problems of Just Distribution in Rehabilitation

The article discusses principles of distributive justice with respect to population of the disabled and rehabilitated persons. The main problem is to find a rule which should be adhered to when a limited amount of goods, such as social benefits or prosthetic equipment, etc., has to be distributed among numerous people who may apply for them. Five different principles are in turn discussed:

  1. „To each according to a conscientious judgment”,
  2. „To each an equal share”,
  3. „To each according to his desert”,
  4. „To each a minimum utility share”,
  5. „To each according to his needs”.

Consequences and implications of these rules are identified and examined. Each principle is shown to have its own merits and points of weakness. In view of these findings the scope of possible application of each principle is briefly outlined.