An Oikological Perspective on Ecophilosophy and Postindustrialization

[paper in Polish]

Oicology is a science about home, widely understood in the context of the dialectics of being grounded in the world, as a relationship between a man and the reality around him. This science is related i.a. to the central questions of environmental ethics: for example, those which pertain to human interventions in the structure of the world. In addition, oicology encourages reflection and sensitivity to the relationship between humans and the environment.
Ecophilosophy is a discipline which analyzes the multi-faceted problem of environmental protection from the perspective of philosophical reflection and poses the human-environment relationship at the centre of its research. The main purpose of this paper is to show that oicological reflection can be a useful perspective for widely understood ecophilosophy and thus for contemplating the proper development of the relationship between humans and the environment. The issue of urban space and its revitalisation is a good example of this perspective. I will discuss this issue in the context of the process of post-industrialisation, which, in ecophilosophy, is connected with the idea of sustainability.