For Authors

We accept articles in English or in Polish. Please submit your contribution at the following e-mail address: lp.ud1542048202e.wu@1542048202akyte1542048202

By submitting an article for publication in Etyka the author declares that the article is his own original work (it is not a product of ‘ghostwriting’, ‘guest authorship’, etc.), that it has not yet been published either in full or in large part, and that, during the qualification procedure conducted by the Editorial Board of Etyka, the article is not being simultaneously considered by other journals. Discovered cases of academic dishonesty will be exposed (including notifying the institution that employs the author, as well as contacting the appropriate authorities and scientific associations).

Qualification and editing process of submitted research is conducted in accordance with guidelines of COPE – Committee on Publication Ethics.

Articles submitted for publication in Etyka undergo an initial qualification procedure by the Editorial Board. After being qualified by the Editorial Board, the article is reviewed by outside reviewers. The evaluation consists in assessing the significance of the discussed issue, originality of the solution to the problem raised in the article, logical validity of the argumentation, clarity of the theses posed by the author, knowledge and use of the relevant literature, empirical validity of the formulated theses, language correctness of the article.

Rigorously respecting the above criteria is a condition for getting the article published

Formating. Please prepare the text for publication in one of the following formats: DOC, DOCX or RTF. The font should be Times New Roman, 12 pts, line spacing 1,5.

The volume of the article, including references, should not exceed 40.000 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks.

The references should be at the bottom of the page and should be numbered in a continuous manner. Only Chicago 16th edition standard of citations should be used.

Reference information in the footnotes should comply with the following examples:

a) A. Smith, Book Title, City, Publishing House 1998, pp. 25–26.
b) A. Smith, Article Title, [in:] Book Title, ed. A. Nowak, B. Kowalski, City, Publishing House 1985, p. 71.
c) A. Smith, Article Title, Journal Title 45 (1999), p. 65.
d) A. Deutsch, Article Title, trans. A. Kowalski, [in:] Book Title, eds. J. Nowak, A. Kowalczyk, City, Publishing House 1985, p. 32.
e) A. Deutsch, Article Title, [in:] Book Title, trans. A. Nowak, B. Kowalczyk, City, Publishing House 1985, p. 71.
h) Ibidem, p. 12.
i) A. Smith, Title, op. cit., p. 34.
j) A. Smith, Article Title, [in:] idem, Book Title, City, Publishing House 1985, p. 71
k) A. Smith, Article Title, http://www.internet.address/page [date of opening the page].

All legal and regulatory documents should be cited as is customary within the particular jurisdiction.

Texts submitted to Etyka should include full reference list. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the bibliographic data.

Abstracts. When submitting the article, please enclose an abstract in English (maximum 800 characters), and a short note about the author (200 characters maximum).