Call for Papers - 40 years of Animal Rights in Poland (working title)


Call for Papers – 40 years of Animal Rights in Poland (working title)

It has been 40 years since ETYKA introduced animal rights discourse to Polish moral philosophers and to the general public. To this day volume 18 of 1980 is one of the most frequently read and cited volumes of ETYKA. It included the work of such classical investigators of animal ethics as Tom Regan, Richard Ryder, Peter Singer and Joel Feinberg.

Today, ETYKA would like to take stock of that discourse and its links to human rights. Where are we now, globally and in Poland? Have we, philosophers and the general public, learned anything in the last 40 years? What can we expect of animal ethics in the future? What are the theoretical and practical links between human rights and animal rights?

We invite contributions from all philosophers working in animal rights, animal ethics, food ethics, animal research ethics, environmental ethics and other areas of philosophy that concern non-human animals, their welfare, and rights. Apart from regular submissions we will publish invited papers by leading researchers and commentaries by our regular contributors.

We invite everyone to whom animal issues are dear and who would like to contribute to the anniversary issue of ETYKA.