Podstawy do równości

  • Vinit Haksar
Słowa kluczowe: ludzie, egalitaryzm, etyka, wiedza, religia, natura


The paper discusses the version of egalitarianism which asserts that the doctrine of equal respect and consideration applies to all human beings (including idiots) but not between human beings and animals. It attempts to unearth some of the presuppositions of this doctrine rather than to prove the doctrine to be true. The view that human beings, unlike animals, form part of the human family is discussed. The view that animals should be excluded from the egalitarian club because they have less intrinsic worth than human beings is also discussed. The view that some human beings have more intrinsic worth than some other human beings is rejected, partly for pragmatic reasons. And there is a brief discussion of some of the implications of the egalitarian doctrine.


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Jak cytować
Haksar, Vinit. 1980. „Podstawy Do równości”. Etyka 18 (grudzień), 221-37. https://doi.org/10.14394/etyka.610.